Pirun Seng

Ruby on Rails Developer

Make Use of Library We Use

When I was a fresh Software Developer, I usually looked for libraries which were suit for programming language I used Ruby, in my case.

It is awesome that there is a Ruby on Rails which is a framework for Ruby. Plus, there are lots of Ruby Gems that are designed to help building software with Ruby and Ruby on Rails as well.

Jump to the point, when I used any Ruby gems, I just built thing with its main and basic usage. Once I came up with an idea to build something more advanced along with that library, my brainstorm was to write the things from scratch. Then, I did research on google for some concepts.

Soon, there was another idea came to my brain. “Why didn’t I read more document about the library I were using to see whether or not it had what I wanted?”

Bang! It was just a few minutes searching the feature in its the document, I found the exactly thing as I wanted.

To sum up, it is good to know what main features exist in the library we use, but it is much better to discover everything it can do.

Happy coding!